5 Effective Tips to Have Great Sex in a Car

There are many ways to spice up an individual’s love life that can draw people closer together and create memorable intimate experiences. One of the sauciest ways to experiment physically is through car sex. Although this is a great method to explore your desires; the act is fraught with difficulties. This is why we provide you with some tips on how to avoid any discomfort and have the best car sex ever.

Can I Get Arrested for Car Sex?

Before diving in, it is important to consider the legality of car sex as it isn’t worth being put on a sexual offender register or any other legal issues that can occur from exploring your desires openly. So, is it illegal to have sex in your car?

Sex in public is against the law as it is counted as public indecency, rightfully so. This means that singles who want to pursue their fantasies need to think about the when and the where. It can seem very romantic to be spontaneous but copulating in daylight and where there is a lot of traffic isn’t wise.

Furthermore, if you commit the act with children around, you can end up on the sex offender’s list. Intention does not come into play. It is simply that, if a child sees the act and it is reported, then you would have to register as a sex offender.
So, be smart. Don’t expose others to what you’re doing, especially as they are not consenting. Find somewhere secluded and dark if you’re looking to mix things up romantically.

Top Places to Have Car Sex

Bearing in mind that people who want to have car sex need to find somewhere secluded for their trysts, we have put together a list of places that are great to have car sex.

  • Secluded part of the woods
  • Deserted beach (whether car park or being able to park on the beach)
  • Quiet park
  • Off-roading (dependent on vehicle)

These places are the most private, but at the same time, public. This way, you don’t need to sacrifice your desire to get naughty in a unique place far from your bedroom and still can have some kind of personal space.

Tips for Car Sex

Understanding the legality and some of the places where you can have car sex, it is time to move onto how you can really enjoy your experience with someone. Our tips and advice have been selected to ensure everyone is able to make the most of their car sex experience and create exciting memories.

1. Think Positioning

It may seem really hot to be able to hop onto someone’s lap, but it isn’t the best method for actually consummating. Jumping on your partner is a great way to get things going, but it is best to move into a more comfortable position to have sex in a car properly.
Some driver and passenger seats can incline backwards, but you’re then limited on the legroom at the front, which means you could be resting your butt on the horn, which is not very discreet. For those who are more flexible and acrobatic, this may be an ok option.
Otherwise, the best option is to move to the back of the car. By moving the diver’s and passenger’s seats forward, you can give yourselves more space. Remember, it is going to be hard to do anything too creative with your sex positions. But there still will be pretty enough place to at least please your partner orally.

2. Dress Appropriately

It is key to remember that there isn’t much space in a car. Even in off-roading vehicles, there still isn’t much space to move around. This means you need to dress in a way that makes it easier to have sex in a confined space.
Skirts and dresses for women mean there is less movement and, if there is a chance of getting caught, an easy thing to slide down to cover up. To spice things up, don’t put your bra on, and wear the kind of panties that can be easily pulled aside.
Men should try trousers that are loose-fitting or choose joggers, which limits how much time you have to think about undressing.

3. Get Titanic Out of Your Head

Car sex is quick. The lack of movement, the possibility of getting caught, and the uncomfortable nature of the car mean it is far less romantic than you think. People who’re imagining a Titanic-esque scene will be sorely disappointed.
But if you understand that car sex is quick and, therefore, more romantic, adventurous, and intimate, be sure you’ll love it. It is a great way to explore your sexuality, and one another, too.

Two other points to consider for great car sex are:

4. Air fresheners and cracking open a window

It’ll smell more than you think, so make sure to clean the traces of the crime. Don’t forget to take some wet tissues and a bottle of water with you.

5. Head home afterward

If it’s your first time having sex in a car, you may feel exhausted afterward. Whether you are a married couple and live together or just dating and decided to take things forward in such an adventurous way, it’s better to head home after the action and take a hot shower.
Do you have any other tips on your mind? Feel free to share the article on your social media and tell us your thoughts.

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