EbonyFlirt.com Review

EbonyFlirt.com Review

- Get free 5 chats per day; - Members: 150,000 from USA; - Percentage of women: more than 43%;
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EbonyFlirt is my favorite black dating website by far because of ti’s many fantastic features and pros. It does have a couple of drawbacks, but they pale in comparison to the many benefits.

  • Global Website;
  • Fun, unique features;
  • Relatively affordable;
  • Well populated;
  • Active moderator team;
  • Gorgeous and functional app;
  • Non-complex sign-up.
  • The confirmation email might take a couple of minutes to arrive;
  • Automatic membership renewal.


People of color, especially black people, have a hard time on traditional dating websites and apps. That is because none of the more popular options emphasize their beauty, struggle, and unique features that make them what they are – beautiful, full of soul, and down to mingle.

That is why niches exist. There is a dating website for most niches, and black people dating is one of them. When it comes to black dating websites, only a couple of them come to mind. While some more popular black dating options might not be ideal, sites like EbonyFlirt sure are.

When I first visited EbonyFlirt, I was taken back by the sheer beauty, functionality, and simplicity of this website. There is simply nothing you can say about EbonyFlirt that paints it in a bad light, and that’s precisely why I’m writing this review. Below, you’ll find an informative, insider, and objective EbonyFlirt review on everything it brings to the table.


First impressions matter. My first impression of EbonyFlirt was fantastic. Signing up to the website took no longer than three minutes, and it wasn’t invasive. One thing I dislike about most dating sites is the fact that the signup sheet is long, personal, and annoying.

When I’m looking to find a date, I don’t want to be quizzed, I want to get in on the action – and EbonyFlirt.com understands that. The signup process consists of a couple of standard questions such as name, gender, postal code, and sexuality.

This website prides itself on breaking the stigma, and it has a strict no racism/sexism/discrimination policy. People of any walk of life, sexuality, and race can join this website and have a fantastic time on it, not just black singles. I didn’t like the signup process because the email took about three minutes to arrive, but that wasn’t much of an issue.

Members & Profiles

This fantastic black king and queen galore is based in the United States of America and has over 150.000 unique members. It’s a very community-driven website, meaning that most of the profiles on this site are active. The website also has an intricate moderator team that vets out all dead profiles.

There are a bit more men than women on this site, which isn’t ideal for ladies looking for some black action – but a gender split like this is common with most websites. Unlike most other “black” dating websites, this one has a lot of black people.

While you might come across the odd white person, most of the members are black kings and queens. This website isn’t exclusive to the United States, and that’s why you’ll see a lot of black singles across the world. It isn’t a US exclusive, but members from other places might have a hard time finding a match.

In the US, the situation is entirely different. If you live in a larger city or town, you’re almost guaranteed to find a match on EbonyFlirt.

The profiles on this website are also fantastic and cater to finding a match as fast as possible. You won’t be finding any annoying, overzealous, and complex profiles on EbonyFlirt, only brief, good looking, and sexy profiles designed to get you in the game.

You can upload pictures, edit your bio, and add some basic information about yourself – aside from that, profiles are designed around simplicity and slickness.

EbonyFlirt.com Safety

EbonyFlirt is a safe website. I admire all of its safety features, especially the ones that protect my user data. I always check for encryption standards, and EbonyFlirt has a fantastic one. That means all of the data I put on the website is protected from blackmailers, hackers, and other malicious individuals.

Because EbonyFlirt has an active moderator team, you won’t likely come across a dead profile, catfish, or scammer. I haven’t come across any of them, and I’ve spent a lot of time on the website. In short, the security and safety features of EbonyFlirt are superb.

EbonyFlirt.com Legit?

Legitimacy wise, you can’t get more bulletproof than EbonyFlirt. Due to its apparent lack of scammers, dead profiles, and hackers, you can rest assured that the service is legitimate. It’s also well-populated, and testimonials praise it. Even I have had the luck to go on a couple of dates that were solely due to this fantastic website – it even has an app!

The features, fantastic design, and thriving member base only add to the legitimacy of this website. Whether you’re looking for a hookup, serious date, or simply some fun – you’ll find it on this website.

There is location-based matching, that will suggest singles that are close to you. If you’re bored, you can give the cute or not game a shot. In this game, you vote whether an individual is cute or not based on their profile picture, which is a great way to get in touch.

Besides the cute or not game, if you’re feelin’ extra frisky, you might want to send a flirty chain message by the Flirtcast function. Chatting on this website requires a subscription, so keep that in mind.

Costs and Prices

Nothing good in life comes free, and EbonyFlirt is no different. While you can register an account, make a profile, browse, and even play Cute or Not, chatting with people requires a subscription. Now, you have to remember, this is a subscription-based website – and the prices aren’t high at all.

The affordable subscription options of this website are:

  • 1 Month – $28.80
  • 3 Months – $48.60
  • 6 Months – $79.20

This website will automatically renew your subscription, so if you’re done with it, remember to unsubscribe from the service.

In Conclusion

I am in love with EbonyFlirt, as it’s the best black singles website out there. It has a mobile app, and all the premium features you could want. Plus, it has a vibrant and thriving community. The users are all good looking based on their gallery, and they’re chatty too. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this wonderful matchmaking service – I adore it!

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