How Does Anal Sex Feel for a Woman? Secrets of Successful Relationships

Many men have the desire and fantasy to have anal sex with their partner for various reasons. It may be a fantasy, or simply the feeling is extremely pleasing. However, it may not be the case for women. Biological differences mean men and women experience pleasure differently, so do women desire anal sex? We discuss some of the possibilities and provide advice on how to tackle this situation with your partner.

Do Any Women Like Anal Sex?

As with anything, every woman is different. She will have different desires, likes, ways that turn her on, and different actions that will bring her pleasure. Although it has become a common stereotype that all women hate anal sex and may do it just to please their partners, but it isn’t the case. There are women who enjoy it for different reasons, and it is about understanding the woman you’re with.

If you wonder whether your girl likes anal sex, then simply ask her. Being in a relationship means communication, and that isn’t just about issues that arise. When individuals just have sex, they’re missing out on opportunities to explore each other’s pleasures and desires. Discussing your wants and understanding what she likes will improve your sex life and make way for new opportunities and things to explore.

How Do I Approach Asking for Anal Sex?

So, people who’re ready to be mature and discuss their desires may still have trouble expressing what they want. There may be a fear of judgment or rejection that you have to overcome. A strong relationship will accept someone and want to discuss everything with that person.
It is best to talk about your desires before entering into a sexual encounter with your partner. Mainly because it can feel as though there is pressure in that situation for them to say yes, especially if it is something they have never done before or you have never done as a couple. It doesn’t make it any less exciting but helps lay strong boundaries of what is acceptable to them or not.
Remember that sex is an invasive act, so it is important to understand boundaries before proceeding.

How to Prepare for Anal Sex?

Unlike regular sex, there is no natural lubrication to rely upon. So, as well as ensuring your partner is comfortable with what you’re doing beforehand, you need to prepare to make it pleasurable for both of you.

This is why conversation is incredibly important as your partner can lay out their fears and what would make them more comfortable with it. Having discussions on topics concerning the act is important, such as:

  • Lubrication
  • Foreplay
  • Cleanliness & After Hygiene
  • Toys & Actions for Pleasure

Why Do These Things Matter?

Anal sex for women is always going to be different from men as there is no direct pleasure they’re receiving from it. It is key to remember that this isn’t about living out your fantasies and being selfish but coming together and mutual enjoyment.


Foreplay is incredibly important to rile up desires anyway, but it is even more important with anal sex. It is important to make a woman feel desired for who she is and not just what she can give. Going straight in for anal sex can make her feel like an object instead of a mutual partner, so enjoy the teasing, the anticipation, and the build-up.

Her Pleasure

She will not receive direct pleasure from the act itself, so discussing what you can do to help her enjoyment is important. Talk about pleasing her first or what you can do while you’re in the act that will make it more enjoyable for her.


When discussing boundaries, it is important to understand cleanliness within the act. It may seem like a good idea to switch from anal sex to vaginal sex, but it could make your partner uncomfortable from a hygiene perspective. Or she may be uncomfortable giving you a blow job after some anal play, so discuss where your boundaries are and what you expect in these moments.

Sex, as with many things in a relationship, is about communication with your partner. Don’t live inside your own head but involve your partner in your desires and give them the opportunity to communicate what they want and are comfortable performing.

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